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Infant Care Classes in Peoria, AZ

Online Classes Announcement

Families in Bloom is happy to announce that in-person Childbirth, Infant Care, Breastfeeding and CPR classes have resumed!

Virtual classes are still available to those who prefer the virtual option.

When your little bundle of joy arrives, we want you to be ready and prepared in the new world of infant care. Our Infant Care class allows you to get ready for everything that comes with taking care of your little one, and we want you to be prepared before they arrive. We understand a lot happens when your little one arrives and that it is better to be equipped for their care before that time comes.

Taking care of them can seem overwhelming, especially if you aren't prepared. Families in Bloom can help you understand what your baby will need and tips on keeping them safe and healthy. Our Infant Care class can help everyone in the family be a valuable team member in making sure your little one stays on track. Our class covers what is a normal appearance for your newborn and when to be concerned, newborn tests and procedures, car seat safety, childproofing your home, and more.

Let us help you be prepared and learn about the joy and challenges when it comes to taking care of your new infant. Give us a call today to get scheduled for our Infant Care class. We have the basics covered to make sure the care of your baby is easier and enjoyable. Also let's not forget about the mom and educating her on essential self-care as well as signs to look for on postpartum depression.

To Register For A Class, Please Call (623) 572-7801.
Private Classes Are Available By Request

Infant Care/Breastfeeding Class

Infant Care Class