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FAQs for Infant CPR & First Aid

Why should I take an Infant CPR & First Aid Class?

It is important to stay calm and know how to respond to an emergency. This class will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with an emergency.

What will be covered in this class?

You will learn how to assess a scene for safety, how to activate EMS, how to assess someone who is in distress or unresponsive, and how to successfully perform CPR on an adult, child and infant. You will also learn how to use an AED, recognize the signs of shock, stroke and heart attack, how to assist a choking adult, child and infant and how to use an epi pen.

What is included in this class?

You will receive a 2 year CPR & First Aid certification, the book used in class and a pocket keychain with face shield.

What should I wear to this class?

Wear comfortable clothing as time will be spent on the floor performing CPR on manikins.

What is required for certification?

You will be required to watch a video on CPR & First Aid, return demonstrations on one and 2 person CPR and AED use, pass a written test and a demonstration test for adult, child and infant CPR as well as choking adult and infant.

How many times can I take the test?

You must pass the written test with a score of 80%. You will be given 2 attempts to pass the demonstration portion of the test.

Can I be recertified in this class?


Does this class provide BLS Certification?

No. But there is another class available for BLS Certification. Contact Lori Vraney at 653 572-7801 for details.