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FAQ for Childbirth Classes

When should I take my Childbirth Classes?

Plan to take your classes in your 7th - 8th month of pregnancy. We recommend you are completed with your classes one month before your baby is due, so if your little one arrives early you will be ready!

Are Childbirth Classes Really Necessary?

Yes! Childbirth Classes are very valuable and are highly recommended for first time moms and moms who haven't a baby in the last 5 years. Our childbirth classes will give you the knowledge base and confidence to manage your labor and birth experience and alleviate the fear of the unknown.

What makes Families in Bloom Prepared Childbirth & Parenting Classes different from others?

All of our classes are taught by an RN, Certified Childbirth Educator with 31 years of experience in Women & Infant Services and 25 years of experience teaching Childbirth, Infant Care and Breastfeeding Classes. Our classes are held in calm, relaxed environment. We offer group and private classes.

Other classes are held in a hospital and are typically taught by an RN. The atmosphere is not as relaxing as you are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the hospital, with overhead pages etc. which can be disruptive and distracting. The content of their classes is geared towards that specific hospital and their policies.

Classes taught outside of the hospital setting are typically taught by a certified childbirth educator or doula and their main focus is comfort measures during labor.

What will we learn in Childbirth Class?

You will learn about warning signs in late pregnancy, signs & stages of labor, tests and procedures that may be ordered in late pregnancy, labor & delivery, breathing & relaxation techniques, options for pain management, Cesarean birth, mom's recovery and so much more!

How will I know when I'm in Labor?

When your water breaks or when your contractions are coming at regular intervals.

What is Pre-Term Labor?

When you go into labor before 37 weeks. If your water breaks or you're having 4 or more contractions in an hour you should call your doctor and go to the hospital.

I'm planning to have an epidural, so do I need to take Childbirth classes?

Yes! There is so much more to labor and childbirth than an epidural. Our classes will provide you with all the information you will need to manage your labor and birth experience.

What is an induction?

An induction is when labor is started artificially instead of your body going into labor on its own. There are many reasons why this may be necessary, this will be covered in your childbirth class.

Why would a C-Section be needed?

A Cesarean delivery can be done for a variety of reasons and is done for the health and benefit of mom and/or baby. These reasons will be covered in your childbirth class.

Can I have a vaginal delivery after a C-Section?

In most cases, yes. Provided the reason for the previous C-Section is not existing and an OB doctor is present during your labor in case of complications.

What should I pack in my Labor Bag?

You should plan on bringing slippers or flip flops to wear when you are laboring out of bed, any type of massagers to aid in counter pressure and comfort in labor, lotions for massages, chap stick (your lips will get dry from all of the breathing exercises), a focal point (perhaps an ultrasound picture in a frame - after all this little one is the reason for this experience!), a deck of cards to help pass time, phone and phone chargers, your own toiletry items etc - more options will be covered in your childbirth class.

How long will I have to stay in the hospital after my baby is born?

The typical hospital stay for a vaginal delivery is 24-48 hours and the typical hospital stay for a Cesarean delivery is 3-4 days.